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About Us

Since 2007 Miller Sales Consulting has worked with start-up, technology, and large scale professional organizations, helping them increase sales productivity and improve performance.

Who We Are
Miller Sales Consulting is a Vermont sales consulting firm focused on sales team development and training.  We specialize in virtual sales manager services, and building high performance sales teams.  Miller Consulting employs experienced, knowledgeable professionals that are experts in marketing products and services in a complex business-to-business (B2B) environment. Our sales and marketing specialties include business development, client management, social media, Vermont sales training and sales coaching, as well as blog writing and content management. Our sales professionals know how to identify target customers, deliver highly qualified sales leads, position and sell products and services, and up-sell into your existing base of customers.

Who We Work For
Let’s face it. Sales is the work nobody wants to do. It’s difficult and time-consuming. Creating a marketing plan.  Contacting leads on the phone to find hot prospects. Qualifying target audiences to make sure they’re right. Measuring results.  Following up with calls, e-mails, letters and meetings.  You do all of this to increase revenue and find a handful of solid prospects. It’s work that prevents you from running your business, but it’s also how you find the gold – work essential to driving revenue. We thrive on doing the groundwork that will make your company successful. And we’re good at it. Who do we work for? You.

How We Work
Our consultants are part of your team. We invest time to get to know your business and sales culture before designing a custom focused sales program.

  • Assess: We evaluate your sales and business operations to understand your needs and requirements.
  • Design: We design a road map for sales growth to achieve your goals and improve performance.
  • Execute: We create and deliver a custom sales coaching program to take your sales to the next level.
  • Measure: Performance objectives are defined and tracked to evaluate success and continued improvements.

Where We Work
Miller Consulting, LLC is located in the beautiful state of Vermont.  We offer Vermont sales training and Vermont sales coaching on-site.  We also offer virtual marketing and virtual sales services outside of the Green Mountain State.

Your Investment
You want to optimize your sales and marketing investment and we can help.  We offer hourly rates, project rates as well as retainer services.  Our Virtual Sales Manager Program , Sales Coaching Plan, and Small Business Action Plan can be customized to your needs.  We’ve worked with micro businesses to million dollar businesses and we can help you too!  Please contact [email protected] to arrange a free fact-finding meeting and find out how we work!

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