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A Tribute to Sign Wavers and Sales Egos

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by chris on September 22, 2014

This morning while driving to the gym, I passed a guy dressed completely in blue, along with a blue face, and cobalt blue clown wig. He was the mascot of his company (company color blue, of course) and stood at the side of the street, waving to the oncoming traffic. I waved back, as I always do, just like I wave for the Statue of Liberty tax person, and the costumed pizza slice that doesn’t really look like pizza at all. These people put themselves out there, literally, and must have a huge ego to withstand the catcalls and heckling they must receive. I can sympathize with them because as a teenager I worked at The Chowder Pot, a seafood restaurant that required me to dress like a sailor. My walks to work, yes dressed in a polyester sailor suit, were awful as I was assailed with snarky comments.

As I drive by these dressed up people, I sometimes think that it has to be one of the worst jobs. So few people wave or honk, and yet they wave, they wave. They must have a big ego to withstand being ignored, alternating with being harassed. It also makes me think how as a society we have dubbed “having an ego” as a bad thing. Is it really? Today I celebrate the sign wavers and other people (especially sales people) that have jobs that require big egos, and ask you to celebrate with me.

Without egos street wavers would not wave and sales people could not sell. So, today I give thanks to my ego that allowed me to walk to work in a sailor outfit, and to ultimately have a successful career that was at times filled with rejection. And thank you to the street wavers – you have a big ego – you make me smile- and you have guts. And all of that is awesome.

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